Being Selfless is Selfish

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 9.06.48 PM

I was recently at the Starkey Hearing Innovation Expo of 2020 for work and one of the guest speakers said, “Being Selfless is Selfish.”  It’s such a strange phrase to hear but as soon as he said it out loud it instantly resonated with me.  By nature, I am a helper.  That’s in part why I chose to become an audiologist  By helping others I receive so much happiness in return.  Does this apply to everyone? And if so, why don’t more people take the time to help others?  Imagine if we all committed to doing one good deed per week or per month.

The picture above was from my most rewarding selfish acts.  One day while looking at LinkedIn I saw a post about a little girl named Emily.  Emily has hearing loss and loves princesses but told her mom that princesses don’t wear hearing aids.  Her speech pathologist was looking for someone with hearing loss willing to volunteer their time to  dress up as a princess and surprise her for her 3rd Birthday.  I don’t have hearing loss but I have a lot of Starkey hearing aids and I knew I had to help, so I reached out! One week later, I was Cinderella proving to Emily that princesses, like her, do wear hearing aids.

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